October 19, 2018
Ryan Phillippe Forced To Hand Over Texts With Reese Witherspoon For Ex-Girlfriend's Assault Case

Ryan Phillippe has been ordered to turn over texts with his ex-wife, Reese Witherspoon, to his ex-girlfriend, Elsie Hewitt. The court order is related to an assault case that Hewitt has filed against Phillippe in which she claims that the actor grabbed her and threw her down the stairs, The Blast reports. She said that she went to Phillippe's residence to collect her belongings after they'd had an argument and that he got violent with her at the house.

Phillippe denies that the assault happened and has accused his ex-girlfriend of extortion.

According to The Blast, Hewitt sued him for $1 million last year and demanded that he hand over text messages with Reese Witherspoon about her. She recently filed additional documents to force him to do so, after she claimed that he was "dragging his feet." Now the court says that he has to do give Hewitt the correspondence with Witherspoon within 20 days of the order. Phillippe will also have to pay a fine of $1,580.

In her lawsuit, Hewitt also claims that the Cruel Intentions actor is addicted to hard drugs like psychedelic mushrooms, cocaine, and steroids.

Ryan Phillippe countersued last year and alleged that Elsie Hewitt broke into his home "in the middle of the night" and that her lawsuit was part of an attempt to get money from him so that she could further her modeling career, People Magazine reports.

According to People, authorities closed the criminal investigation into the incident.

"As a staunch advocate for the health, well-being and equality of women, Ryan is completely devastated that these false allegations have been made and circulated," the actor's press rep said on behalf of his client last September. "Domestic violence is an incredibly serious issue and fabricated and proven false claims should not be used to unjustly slander the falsely accused. The claims are false."

As People notes, Hewitt has released photos of bruises which she claims she sustained during the incident. She alleges that she suffered chest pains as well because of what happened. She also says that she went to Cedar-Sinai hospital afterward and a protective order was issued by the police. Hewitt also made a police report.

A source from Phillippe's camp says that Elsie Hewitt was intoxicated when she went to his house and that she was the one who was physically violent.

"Elsie showed up to Ryan's house uninvited and under the influence a few days after he had broken up with her," the insider said. "She physically attacked Ryan, caused a scene and refused to leave his home."