October 19, 2018
Kendall Jenner's Alleged Stalker Will Be Freed Soon, Cops Expect

As Kendall Jenner's alleged stalker is making way through the California justice system, the model and many other stars have to face the reality of dealing with stalkers. Even if they are given the harshest of penalties, it often means they can still become free within days, according to reports from TMZ.

According to a source within law enforcement, TMZ has discovered that 37-year-old John Ford's repeated trespassing on Jenner's property in a secure gated community will have little impact on any potential jail time. The maximum sentence that Ford can receive for misdemeanor criminal trespass is six months in jail, but due to overcrowding in the Los Angeles County Jail system, Ford would likely be released within a matter of days.

Despite being a citizen of Canada, Ford would not be at risk of deportation because he did not commit a violent felony.

As covered by the Inquisitr, Ford has been making regular attempts to get in contact with Jenner in recent weeks, done so by breaking into her gated community through scaling a mountainside to enter through an unsecured point. The first time he pulled off the feat, he managed to end up poolside outside of Jenner's home before being spotted by her private security, escaping before the police arrived. The second time he broke in, Ford sat on Jenner's porch. When the cops caught him after the second attempt, Ford was put on a psychiatric hold, which allowed Ford to be released after 36 hours when he was declared mentally stable by a psychiatrist.

Ford was arrested once again for trespassing on Thursday and is now being held in jail with a bail of $30,000. His arraignment is approaching and from there a judge could release Ford on his own recognizance pending trial.

The potential for Ford to be back on the streets soon is leaving Jenner with very few options. She has already filed for a civil restraining order, which means that if Ford ever comes within a certain distance of her again, he can immediately be arrested. As has been witnessed by the likely outcome of Ford's latest arrest, that only means he will only be gone for a few days. Jenner will most likely face the reality that as long as she is in the public spotlight and at risk of coming into contact with stalkers, she is going to have to invest in her private security team to ensure her protection.