October 19, 2018
Emily Ratajkowski Wears Low-Cut Dress As She Cozies Up To Husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard

Emily Ratajkowski shared a cute couples photo with her fans today on Instagram. In the photo, the model can be seen sitting on her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard's, lap. Emily wore a low-cut dress which accentuated her curves, as she wore her hair down. You can only see a portion of Sebastian's face, as she wrapped his arms around his wife. The model simply captioned the picture with a row of heart emojis, as people sent their love to the couple. One fan said, "This made my day," as another noted, "Can't get over this photo."

The model also copied and pasted Gigi Hadid's latest Instagram post on her page, as she thanked the model saying, "couldn't have said it better." Gigi's post was comprised of text only, as the model described how she was being sued for using a photo she found on Twitter. In addition to explaining the circumstances surrounding the photo, Gigi also went into great detail about all of the trials and tribulations of trying to live a "normal" life in midst of paparazzi trying to snap photos of her. Hadid even said that there are days she opts to stay inside just because she doesn't want to deal with being photographed, followed, or harassed.

Meanwhile, Emily shared with Glamour UK how she deals with her fame. When asked about her "girl crush," she responded with the following.
"Kim Kardashian. She is the Queen and so confident, no one can troll her - she's above it all! Whenever I am down I think, 'be more Kim, you don't care!'"
Because although Ratajkowski has over 20 million followers on Instagram, there are inevitably trolls and negative comments being made on her social media accounts. But she's learned to deal with all of the ups and downs and advised people that "The comments and the number of likes shouldn't be what defines your confidence, it should come from you enjoying yourself."Plus, the model-actress was brutally honest and described that sometimes, she doesn't feel all that great when she looks in the mirror.
"I have days when I literally cannot look in the mirror because I am sick of myself. I don't like how I look or I want to change certain things about myself. We are stuck inside one body, we can't see ourselves and we have no perspective on it."
At any rate, it's great to see a photo of Emily and Sebastian. Emrata doesn't always share couple photos with her fans, so when she does, it's a nice change of pace.