Meghan Markle’s Sibling Feud Escalates As Samantha Calls Thomas, Jr A ‘Lying Scumbag’ & ‘Mugshot Man’

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Meghan Markle’s American family is at it again. This time, the sibling feud escalated as Samantha blasted her brother, Thomas, Jr., on Twitter. As usual, the duchess’ half-sister resorted to some name calling, while claiming that Thomas’ latest interview with Radar Online was filled with lies. The interview, which revealed some nasty personal details, included allegations that Thomas, Sr. cheated on Doria Ragland with prostitutes in Thailand. Also, Thomas, Jr. described how their dad would drink a lot and use cocaine while Meghan was just a baby.

This is what Samantha had to say in response to the interview.

“‘Mugshot man’ does another article to disparage our dad. What a lying scumbag, just because my dad cut off the money wagon and Tom needs drinking money.”

Apparently, the family feud is more complicated than many fans may have realized. In addition to blasting Meghan, Samantha and Thomas, Jr. are also feuding. It’s unclear whether the siblings were always enemies, or whether the Radar interview pushed Samantha over the edge.

On the other hand, it appears that Thomas, Jr. has visited his dad in Mexico, while many believe Samantha has not. This has been highly scrutinized following Samantha’s publicized visit to Kensington Palace without an invitation. Many people wondered why Samantha would make the trip to the U.K., when she could make the same effort to see her dad, who she claims has serious health issues.

This is how Thoma,s Jr. described his visit to Mexico to see his dad, according to The Sun.

“When I went down to Mexico to see him, he was absolutely terrified of the fact that he’s never going to be able to see his daughter again because he feels completely left out, completely ignored.”

Meanwhile, it’s interesting to note that Samantha blasted her brother for needing “beer money.” She knows as well as anyone else that giving interviews about their famous sister comes with a big paycheck. After all, Refinery 29 previously estimated that Samantha has probably made over $100,000 for interviews to date.

And if you’re wondering why Thomas, Jr. is being called “Mugshot Man” by Samantha, it’s because he’s been arrested before for domestic violence. In January, 2017, Thomas, Jr. was accused of putting a gun to his then-girlfriend’s head during a drunken argument, detailed the Daily Mail. The woman in question, Darlene Blount, is now Thomas, Jr.’s fiancee. Blount also was arrested in July for domestic violence following a fight, as described by the Inquisitr.