Thomas Markle, Jr Calls On The Queen To Fix Family Drama With Meghan, Per ‘The Sun’

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Meghan Markle’s half-brother, Thomas, Jr., has been making headlines lately thanks to some new interviews that he’s given. His recent interviews have included spilling the beans on his dad’s cocaine habit and X-rated trips to Thailand, as well as making comments on Meghan’s pregnancy news.

And now, Thomas, Jr. has called on the queen (again), this time asking her to “step in” in order to resolve the family drama that has plagued the Markles since the royal wedding.

The whole debacle might have been avoided, had Meghan’s dad kept his silence toward the media and refused alluring cash offers for staged photos. However, Thomas decided to sell photos of himself “preparing” for the wedding, which started a huge rift between him and the royal family. That was followed by the dad choosing to watch the wedding, instead of walking his daughter down the aisle due to last-minute heart surgery.

And since the wedding, the Markle family have been busy giving interviews left and right. This includes Thomas, Samantha, Thomas, Jr., and an uncle. Many of these interviews cast Meghan in a negative light, as people play blame games with each other.

Now, Thomas, Jr. has an idea of how to end the feud once and for all. For him, it seems that the queen should be the one to end it all. This isn’t the first time the brother has referenced the queen in an interview, as he’s reportedly sent a letter to her previously.

This is what the brother said about what he thinks the queen ought to do in this situation, according to The Sun.

“The Queen should step in and say ‘clean your mess up and stop all this nonsense and acknowledge the fact that you have a family, instead of just ignoring them.'”

Thomas, Jr. further elaborated while discussing the royal wedding.

“At some point you would think that either the Queen or somebody else from the Royal Family would demand that [Meghan] correct everything that should have been corrected already. I thought that the usual Royal protocol was for people to be included.”

But with that said, it doesn’t seem that Thomas, Jr. has any delusions about such a scenario playing out. After all, this is what he said when he was asked whether he thinks he’ll ever meet the royal baby.

“Well maybe if I take a stealth fighter jet and I parachute over the palace into their front yard one night, you know, maybe.”