Donald Trump Welcomed To Montana By ‘IMPEACH’ And ‘LIAR’ Spelled On Mount Sentinel

Spencer PlattGetty Images

President Trump selected the predominantly Democratic-leaning Missoula County to host his Montana rally on Thursday, October 18, and to say that he could see the dissent he stood to face – from a mile away – wouldn’t be an understatement.

The resistance proved to quite literally present itself to the President before his Air Force One flight got a chance to touch down, with NBC reporting that one particular group of rebels had propped the words “LIAR” and “IMPEACH” on a pair of mountainsides. The gestures were a sign of things to come, as many supporters making their way to the “Make America Great Again” rally at Missoula International Airport inevitably crossed paths with protesters who had branched off from the “Love Trumps Hate” demonstration that took place at Missoula’s Playfair Park earlier in the day.

According to the Missoulian, some from amongst the anti-Trump crowd had it on the agenda to mobilize for a walk over to the polls in an effort to drive voter registration, while others took to the streets to vent their dissatisfaction with the Trump administration. However, on the rural front, a much more unique form of civil disobedience was taking shape, with one cluster of people traveling up to the landmark letter “M” on Mount Sentinel, and another cluster of folks having made their way up to the giant “L” resting on Mount Jumbo.

With the fabric stitched letters i, p, e, a, c, h, and r, in hand, they would go about complimenting the singular letters that were already present on the ground in order to spell out the words I-M-P-E-A-C-H on Sentinel, and L-I-A-R on Jumbo, respectively.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, tensions had built so high in the lead up to Trump’s visit that law enforcement officials were ordered to take extra security precautions, and some gun owners even took matters into their own hands by exercising their state-wide open carry rights. The suggestion that attendees of the MAGA function make sure they go armed and prepared to possibly engage in violence brought a world of criticism on former GOP chair Will Deschamps Sr.

The “M” on Mount Sentinel is reportedly the property of the University of Montana, and the “L” on Mount Jumbo belongs to Loyola Sacred Heart Catholic High School, thus in addition to trespassing, officials said there was some considerable discrepancy in the act. But reports confirm that Missoula Mayor John Engen requested that officers refrain from ordering the letters to be removed for as long as the parties responsible for putting up continue to monitor over them.