Tammy Hembrow Drives Top-Down Convertible Wearing Cleavage-Popping Tank Top

Instagram fitness star Tammy Hembrow has gone through a jaw-dropping body transformation, earning her almost 9 million followers on the popular social media site. In just a few years, the mother of two sculpted her body, shrinking her waist and turning her backside into pure curve and muscle. On an almost daily basis, fans can check out new snaps of her stunning figure on her Instagram page, where she isn't shy to show plenty of skin.

In the most recent photo, Hembrow is featured in the driver's seat of a Mercedes top-down convertible, stopped on the side of the road in front of a large field. She's sporting a pair of light-wash blue jeans and a corset-style white tank top contoured to her flat belly and highlighting her busty chest. She has her long nails painted a light pink and is running one hand through her hair while the other rests on her lap. Her straight blonde hair cascades over one shoulder and she has her head turned toward the camera with her glossy lips slightly parted and her deep blue eyes highlighted with black eyeliner and mascara. She's paired the outfit with a silver necklace and a small bag.

The blonde bombshell captioned the photo with a simple manicure emoji, featuring a hand with nails painted the same exact color as hers.

Hembrow received thousands of likes on the photo from her followers, with many of them also leaving a comment complimenting her on the photo and calling her "beautiful," "gorgeous," and "lovely."

One fan left a touching message that read, "I think you're so beautiful and such [an] inspiration to me," while another commented, "You are my all time favourite. Such a strong and beautiful mother/women, my biggest idol."

In January 2016, Hembrow shared a side-by-side before-and-after photo of her glutes. The evidence of her amazing transformation was captioned, "2014 vs today. My booty guides will be here very soon babies. For anyone saying this fake, this is through hard work and dedication! It is completely natural. Hard work pays off."

The photos attracted many followers inspired by her dedication and effort and in awe of her transformation. As a result, she began launching fitness programs to help her followers achieve the same results as her, according to the Daily Mail.

The fitness guru's secret to success is training three to five times a week with a combination of HIIT, weights, and cardio. She also eats plenty of protein and complex carbohydrates to properly fuel her body and build her booty.