Kendall Jenner Stalker Scales Mountain To Meet Her Poolside

One of the scariest parts of being a celebrity is being targeted by stalkers. It appears as though Kendall Jenner has been forced to deal with another one, but this time personally. The situation occurred due to the security of Jenner's high-end gated community not patrolling a wide-open area that the stalker could enter, according to reports from TMZ.

The stalker, who is the 37-year-old John Ford, had already been arrested at the beginning of September after breaking into the gated community in which Jenner lived. While the community is home to a wide amount of celebrities that include Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen, Christina Aguilera, and Slash, law enforcement officials have told TMZ that the stalker was set on Jenner.

At the time Ford pled guilty to the crime of trespassing, which came with the order to stay 1,000 feet from the gated community. Based on recent reports, Ford did not follow the judge's order.

Instead, last week Ford once again entered the gated community, but this time not from the gate. Instead, he scaled a mountain that sits at the back of the complex and leaves an opening where no security is present.

It ended up being Jenner's security that found Ford, who had made no effort to remain hidden as he sat poolside in her backyard. By the time police had arrived, Ford had made his escape.

That brings the story to Tuesday, when Ford once again broke into Jenner's gated community, using the same mountain route that still had no security. This time he chose to sit on Jenner's front porch, where he was once again spotted by her own security. However, this time the police arrived in time and were able to arrest the stalker.

Ford, who is a Canadian citizen, has been detained on a 5150 psychiatric hold. The case is currently being reviewed by the Los Angeles Police Department's Threat Management Unit and in the meantime, Ford has been charged with criminal trespass and violating a protective order. Jenner's lawyer Shawn Holley has signaled that the model will pursue a civil protective order.

Jenner purchased her home, which once belonged to Charlie Sheen, for $8.5 million back in 2017. It's located in the ritzy Beverly Hills neighborhood. Ironically, Jenner partly moved to Beverly Hills and left her previous home in West Hollywood due to a different stalker, as reported by TMZ. For Jenner, despite the perceived safety of a gated community, the literal lack of gating seems to have allowed her problems to follow her.