Fergie Pregnancy Rumors Not True, Says Josh Duhamel

Have you heard the rumors about Fergie being pregnant? Well, they’re not true. Her husband Josh Duhamel addressed the Fergie rumors today saying that his wife was not pregnant.

According to E! Online, the pregnancy rumors started a few days ago when Fergie was spotted on the red carpet for Duhamel’s new movie, Save Haven, in a skin tight Gucci dress. Some viewers noticed a little baby bump and started wondering if the singer was pregnant.

When asked about the rumors today, Duhamel said that it would be his “greatest life achievement” but “no,” Fergie is not pregnant.

Fergie has had to squash a few pregnancy rumors on her own over the last few years.

During an appearance on the Rachel Row show in 2012, Fergie said:

“[People ask if I’m pregnant] every time I fluctuate a few pounds … Like right now, I’m a couple pounds up. Sometimes I go a couple pounds down and I wear the clothes that are more fitted, but people kind of look at me because they’re expecting [that] it’s that time. We do hope for children and that will be coming up, but it’s not yet.”

Fergie and Duhamel have been married since 2009 so it wouldn’t be surprising to hear baby news from the couple sometime soon. But let’s wait for an official announcement instead of guessing based on Fergie’s waistline.

[Image Via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]