Emily Ratajkowski Showcases Derriere In Revealing Swimsuit With Drink In Hand On Instagram

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Emily Ratajkowski shared a couple of new swimsuit photos on her Instagram page, both of which show off the model’s bikini body from different angles. In the first photo, Emily showcased her derriere by turning her back at an angle to the camera, as she held a drink in her right hand. In the second photo, Ratajkowski looked straight-on at the camera, as the swimsuit flaunted her curves.

Emrata’s fans were excited to see the photo, as one person commented, “Always beyond expectations.” Others commented on the backdrop, as a fan noted that “Those lounge chairs are so chic!” However, not all of the responses were casual. One person criticized the model, asking the following.

“And what were you raging about against Justice Kavanaugh??? Objectification of women??? Wow????? Seriously???”

Such comments have appeared on the model’s Instagram account off and on ever since she was arrested at a protest against Kavanaugh. It’s also worth mentioning that critics also wanted to know why Emily didn’t wear a bra that day, something that the model later blasted on Twitter.

But that was hardly the first time that Ratajkowski was critiqued based on her looks and what people assume about her. For example, she was once told she couldn’t go to a dance “for looking too sexy.”

This is what Emily remembers about the incident, according to Teen Vogue.

“I had quite a figure at that point, curvy with really big breasts. It was so embarrassing. I wasn’t having sex and didn’t know what being sexy was so it was very strange to get that kind of reaction. I felt like it was my fault although it wasn’t.”

Luckily for Emily, her mom jumped to her defense. She told the school, “You do not police my daughter just because she looks different.”


And while it’s hard to know what Emily’s mom thinks of all of the recent bashing of her daughter based on her looks, the model has grown up with all sorts of criticism and has learned to speak out boldly for herself.

It’s because of her vocal nature that Ratajkowski has become a feminist voice, although she’s never claimed to be an expert on the matter. At the same time, she’s constantly pushing boundaries by being very open about her sexuality, and sharing revealing photos of her body on social media.

The model also caused a stir in her latest Monse outfit, where she decided to forgo a bra once again, per Teen Vogue.

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