'Grimm' Spinoff In The Works At NBC

Supernatural series Grimm spent six seasons terrifying audiences on NBC from 2011 to 2017 — and now the peacock network is thinking of rebooting the brand in a new spinoff.

The Portland, Oregon-set series followed a man, Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli), who discovered that he is a Grimm, a mortal who must protect the world from Wesen, some of the dangerous monsters that walk among us, posing as humans, who just want to create havoc and harm people. But there were also good Wesen creatures who befriended Nick and helped him navigate the strange world he became a part of. Nick also had to deal with the regular aspects of his "normal" life as a police detective, boyfriend/fiance, and friend to people that he could not immediately tell about his new life.

Deadline called the original Grimm "a little engine that could, an under-the-radar show that became a breakout." It was one of Friday night's highest-rated scripted series, according to the website, who also said it did great internationally, "which may factor favorably into the network's decision to proceed with a spinoff."

The spinoff's official description states that it will build "off the mythology of the original series and will feature returning fan favorites while also introducing new characters, new dangers, and new mysteries," according to Variety.


Additionally, Deadline is reporting that the new series will have a female Grimm as its lead character.

When Grimm ended, there was a flash-forward that showed the grown children of Adalind Schade (Claire Coffee), Kelly and Diana, preparing to go after Wesen. Whether or not these characters will be in the spinoff has not been disclosed.

Fans of the original series worried that a spinoff will rewrite some of the history and traditions that are already known in the Grimm universe will be happy to learn that several of the people who worked behind-the-scenes will be back. Executive producers Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner are returning, and co-creators David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf will be consulting producers. However, a newcomer, Melissa Glenn (Zoo, Beauty and the Beast), has been brought on to pen the scripts.

As for the actors who starred on Grimm, many have moved on to new projects. So their inclusion on a spinoff would most likely be limited to recurring or guest starring appearances.

The aforementioned Giuntoli is currently playing Eddie Saville on ABC's A Million Little Things; Russell Hornsby (Hank Griffin) will be featured in the 2019 Fox legal drama Proven Innocent; Bitsie Tulloch (Juliette Silverton/Eve) is playing Lois Lane on both Supergirl and The Flash; Sasha Roiz (Sean Renard) is waiting to find out if Salvation will be picked up for a third season; and Reggie Lee (Drew Wu) has a recurring role, Special Agent Steven Thompson, in the current season of NCIS: New Orleans.

Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe), Bree Turner (Rosalee Calvert), and the previously mentioned Coffee appear to be available for the spinoff.

If NBC green-lights a Grimm spinoff, it would pair perfectly with another of the network's supernatural series, Midnight, Texas. The show — based on a trilogy from author Charlaine Harris, who created the universe for HBO's True Blood — is about the supernatural inhabitants of a small town. It returns for Season 2 on Friday, October 26.