New Research Finds How The Length Of A Person’s Fingers Can Determine Their Sexuality

A new study suggests that women whose ring fingers and left index finger are of different lengths are likely to be lesbians.

Per BBC, the study was conducted by scientists at the University of Essex, who measured the fingers of 18 pairs of female identical twins, where one pair was straight, while the other was gay.

The study revealed that individuals in the study with a homosexual orientation tended to have a more “male” hand, which typically has different sized index and ring fingers. Women usually have their index and ring fingers of the same length.

The research, which is published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, includes a chart that shows how the index fingers of gay women were typically around 90 to 100 percent as long as the ring fingers.

Scientists cited previous research and said that the reason behind the discovery could because of the fetuses in question getting “exposure to more testosterone in the womb,” per the BBC. Testosterone is a male sexual hormone, and both men and women are exposed to it while in the womb.

The study also found that in the 14 sets of male twins, the individuals who identified as gay had slightly more “male-typical” hands as compared to their straight siblings. However, the difference was not considered significant, BBC reported.

The author of the study, Dr. Tuesday Watts – a lecturer at the department of Psychology at the University of Essex, and who specializes in topics of sexual orientation and gender nonconformity – said that there must be other factors that account for the differences in sexual orientations of identical twins, because both twins share 100 percent of their genes. She said the following, as reported by the BBC.

“Research suggests that our sexuality is determined in the womb and is dependent on the amount of male hormone we are exposed to or the way our individual bodies react to that hormone, with those exposed to higher levels of testosterone being more likely to be bisexual or homosexual. Because of the link between hormone levels and difference in finger lengths, looking at someone’s hands could provide a clue to their sexuality.”

Another study conducted earlier this year found that there could be a link between the pitch of a child’s voice and their fingers. According to the study, as reported by the Daily Mail, if a baby’s index finger on their right hand is longer than their ring finger, they are likely to have a more a high-pitched or “squeaky” voice.