Kim Kardashian West Poses With Nude Male Model In Her Latest Instagram Post

Presley AnnGetty Images

Kim Kardashian is definitely not known to be shy on social media. The star has posted revealing shots of her own body on Instagram before, even posing completely nude a few times. But this time it’s not Kim’s body that has everybody talking. The superstar recently made an Instagram post featuring a naked nude model holding up a mirror to Kim. The shot leaves little to the imagination as part of the model’s buttocks is revealed. Kim poses on a couch in a silver bodysuit and clear thigh-high boots.

The photo was posted to promote a new launch for Kim’s beauty line KKW Beauty. In her caption, the star writes about the launch and says that it is a “new collection featuring 7 Pressed & Loose Powder Pigments, all in bright & jewel-toned shades!!!!!” and that the makeup would be “available this Friday 10.19 at 12PM PST.” Kim chose not to acknowledge the model in her caption and it looks like she didn’t tag him, either. The shot was done by famous photographer David LaChapelle, who Kim shouted out in her caption (and an in-photo tag). She also tagged her hairstylist, makeup artist, and her own beauty line.

The launch of this collection is right on the heels of another recent KKW launch. The Cherry Blossom Collection just hit KKW shelves and features fragrances and palettes.

The collection that Kim was promoting most recently is the Flashing Lights Pressed Powder Pigments. The bold pigments feature dazzling shades that include copper, orange, blue, pink, teal, purple, and white. According to the KKW Beauty Instagram, the pigment collection is being released to celebrate Kim’s birthday. The superstar turns 38 on October 21. The collection, which drops October 19, will be out in time for Kim’s birthday weekend.

The bold shades in this collection are a departure from KKW’s usual aesthetic. While KKW Beauty has certainly offered bold items in the past, this is one of the first times that a whole collection only features non-neutral shades. Even the packaging of the beauty products is usually done in a sandy tone to accentuate the nude/natural aesthetic. It looks like the Flashing Lights Collection will come in clear holographic tubes that show the high pigment of each shade. Kim is wearing one of the bold shades herself in her newest post with the male model. An electric blue paints her eyes and she looks absolutely stunning at all angles (after all, there is a mirror reflecting her iconic look back to the camera).