October 17, 2018
Candace Cameron Bure Opens Up About Approaching Life As An Empty Nester

When most people picture actress Candace Cameron Bure, they imagine her surrounded by kids and chaos, which was her reality for most of her life. She was first known on the hit show Full House, where she played older sister, DJ Tanner. Bure took on the role at only 11 years old, not knowing the show would be a hit success and continue on for eight seasons.

Many years later, she currently serves the same role on the show's continuation, Fuller House, alongside many of her childhood co-stars. Just like her character on the show, Bure now has three children of her own. Bure and her husband Valeri Bure have one daughter and two sons, Natasha, 20, Lev, 18, and Maksim, 16.

While chatting with Hoda Kotb and guest co-star Maria Shriver on The Today Show, Bure relayed that she's not yet ready for all three of her children to be living away from home. She has enjoyed watching her kids form their own opinions and become confident young adults right before her eyes. She knows it will be difficult the day her youngest son leaves home, making her and her husband officially empty-nesters.

"It's crazy to me that, within a year or two, we will not have children at home anymore," Bure said. "And I feel like no one talks about that. It just makes me so sad to think about it."

Despite her unwillingness to watch her youngest leave the nest, Bure is trying to focus on all she and her husband have done to ensure he is ready to face the world on his own. Bure has no doubt that when the time comes, her son will be ready to go out and make his own path. This confidence is what provides her with peace of mind as her days of having real-life full house come to a close.

"I've loved the teenage years with my kids so much," she explained. "I really enjoy them, because I love listening to them as young adults and people, and to hear their thoughts and opinions and have in-depth conversations with them about worldly things... I do have such peace about sending them off. I feel like, 'Hey, I think we've done a pretty good job."

Though Bure will miss coming home to a full house, she is fully confident that she has equipped her children with everything they need to tackle the real world.