Duggar Family Recipes Cause Quite A Stir As They Get Slammed For Unhealthy Ingredients

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The Duggar family loves to eat, and with that many kids to feed, they have quite a challenge on their hands. However, they make it look so easy. That could be because they have been known to take some shortcuts in their cooking regimen that has some fans, and critics, taking offense to what they consume.

As OK! Magazine reported, the TLC reality stars have been getting slammed pretty much every time a recipe is posted on the family’s social media accounts. It’s mostly Jill Duggar who gets the most flak from the recipes that she shares with fans on Instagram. The latest recipe came from the Duggar Family Facebook page where a recipe called Grandpa Duggar’s Favorite Banana Cake was posted. Sounds great, right? Well, it probably is, except a few people slammed the family for using processed ingredients.

The recipe calls for a yellow cake mix and also pudding mix. The negative comments suggested that they make a homemade cake using eggs, flour, butter, and milk instead of an unhealthy cake mix. One person noted that it would be cheaper and much tastier than a mix.

That’s when Duggar fans, especially those with bigger families, balked back on how it is not cheaper than purchasing all of the other ingredients. They also mentioned the time factor as well.

The argument continued as the critics pointed out that Jim Bob and Michelle have their industrial-sized kitchen in their house to be used for cooking from scratch recipes. They also noted that they have enough kids to cook for them, so why not lean more on the healthier side by cooking from scratch. Duggar fans were quick to blast back wondering why it bothers some people so much.

One person made this comment saying, “Why do you care if they use a boxed cake mix? If you don’t want to use boxed cake mixes, then don’t but stop telling others how to cook for their families.”

Jill Duggar is notorious for posting recipes that she makes for her family of four. She uses quite a bit of canned soups and lots of butter. People slam her for not using fresh ingredients and mention how unhealthy it is for her kids. However, husband Derick Dillard loves what she makes for them, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. He took to Twitter noting how much he loves canned products, butter, and salt because it makes food much tastier. He got thoroughly taken down for that comment.

Processed food vs. healthy food seems to be the ongoing controversial topic hovering over the Duggar family these days. Stay tuned for more food wars on their social media accounts.