October 17, 2018
Prince Charles Makes A Surprising Announcement Ahead Of His 70th Birthday

Prince Charles has been waiting to take on the job he was born to do for 70 years, but while he continues to patiently await ascending to the throne of England, he has taken on a number of projects to benefit the United Kingdom. But just before he has his big birthday, he has decided to try his hand at becoming a magazine editor.

Hello Magazine explains that Prince Charles is going to be the guest editor for a special edition of Country Life Magazine, which will debut on his birthday on November 14.

Prince Charles' edition of the magazine will reflect his personal passion for the countryside and allow a rare peek inside his life at Clarence House. The Prince of Wales will also highlight his passion for Highgrove Gardens, his Scottish estate Dumfries House, and Countryside Champions as well as some of his other rural pursuits.

As Prince Charles holds a lot of sway with other members of the royal family, he has convinced his wife, Duchess Camilla, to write a column or two for him also, including one about her pet project, which is a Medical Detection Dogs charity.

One unexpected column by Prince Charles will feature fashion. The prince will introduce the world to two of his favorite tailors and how he feels most comfortable when he's out and about (expect lots of tweed and plaid).

Paula Lester, the magazine's managing and features editor, says that Prince Charles won't just be swanning in to put his name on things, he really plans to do the heavy lifting.

"It really is him doing it. It comes from his heart and shows what a passionate champion of the countryside he is and this really shines through in the pages."
The prince has written for the magazine before, but he has never helmed an entire issue before. Prince Charles is enjoying his new adventure and has gotten an extra charge from the news that he is expecting his first grandchild from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Town & Country says that Prince Charles is excited that there will be a new little prince or princess to join the family. In a statement from Kensington Palace, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall shared that they are "delighted" that Duchess Meghan is expecting.

Baby news seems to be plentiful around the royal family as Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge's sister Pippa had a baby boy this week, per Inquisitr. Prince Louis was born in April, and the first child for Harry and Meghan is due in the spring.