Victoria’s Secret Models Candice Swanepoel & Elsa Hosk Flaunt Bodies In High-Cut Swimsuits

Theo Wargo / Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Victoria’s Secret models Candice Swanepoel and Elsa Hosk teamed up for their latest Instagram post, which shows the two women looking glam in some high-cut swimsuits. The two appeared to wear a similarly-cut one-piece, with Candice’s having more black and Elsa’s being predominantly white. The pair sported circular, dangle earrings and partially wore leather jackets. They also wore matching belts around their waist, which accentuated Elsa’s figure. Candice rested her left hand on Elsa’s shoulder, as the latter looked straight at the camera.

Elsa thanked Candice for “the best day of playing dress-up in your suits.” The designs are produced by Swanepoel’s brand, Tropic of C. In addition to modeling the one-piece, Hosk also wore a cute bikini with dark borders. In these photos, she sat on a stool and partially wore a suit with some thigh-high boots. Both photos were done in black and white, so it’s hard to know what the colors really are, but it looks like the swimsuits are all either black and white, or a combination of white and a very dark color.

Recently, Tropic of C has also been modeled by Kristina Romanova and Bruna Marquezine. And while the brand was launched mainly as a swimwear line, their newest photos of Elsa show how well the swimsuits are being styled with everyday looks. For example, Elsa sported a sexy off-the-shoulder one piece with a v-neck, which she wore with some black trendy pants with heels. The result is a sophisticated and edgy look that could pass as evening wear.

In a past interview, Candice revealed her inspiration for the fashion line, as described by W Magazine.

“I’ve always been drawn to fashion, but [through] modeling you really get the inside scoop. I also get to see what works and what doesn’t firsthand, from colors and skin tones to stitch and stretch. As models, we learn to interpret and understand many different styles, and the history of fashion, as things always repeat.”

During the June interview, the model also revealed the following.

“I would like to, in the future, design something specificity for pregnant women. After this pregnancy, I have some ideas!”

The pieces highlighted in Candices’ recent Instagram photos reveal Tropic of C’s newest “Signature Collection,” which is being advertised as “classic and timeless silhouettes. these suits will become the closet staples you will reach for season after season.” So far, fans are pouring in with their words of support, so hopefully, Swanepoel is able to sell a ton of swimsuits.