August 18, 2015
St. Louis Rams Rumors: Team Considered 'A Lock' To Relocate To Los Angeles After 2015 Season

The St. Louis Rams are rumored to be moving, with sources saying the team is essentially a "lock" to return to their former home in Los Angeles.

The team has been edging closer to a move to L.A. in the past several months, with owner Stan Kroenke drawing up a $1.8 billion proposal to build a stadium in Inglewood.

Now reports indicate that the move is almost a certainty. Fansided reported that there is no going back for Kroenke, who reportedly has "no exit strategy" or any plans to return to St. Louis should the proposal fail to go through.

But there are still many trying to keep the Rams in St. Louis. On Tuesday the Missouri Development Finance Board approved $15 million in tax credits for a proposed riverfront stadium.

Local officials have come up with a plan to finance a new stadium that would keep the team in its current home. noted:

"That application showed that the Dome authority and Gov. Jay Nixon's stadium task force anticipate paying for the stadium with $450 million from the National Football League and team, $201 million in bond proceeds from the state and the city of St. Louis, $160 million from the sale of seat licenses and $187 million in tax credits."

"The authority is requesting $15 million from the state finance board this year, plus $17.5 million next year and again in 2017."

"This particular program gives tax credits in exchange for project donations, up to half the amount of the gifts. The task force hopes to land $100 million in donations."

If the rumors about the St. Louis Rams relocating to Los Angeles are true, the team may have more than just local officials to make it through. The Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers are also seeking a move, and quite aggressively. Both teams are willing to change divisions in order to complete a move to Los Angeles, ESPN reported.

The Raiders have even worked on contingency plans to play in San Antonio for a period while a stadium is completed in Los Angeles.

There are rumors that the St. Louis Rams have already tipped their hand about plans to move. Back in June it was revealed that contracts with employees were restructured to end in early 2016, which would coincide with a move to Los Angeles.

[Image via Getty Images/Michael B. Thomas]