Why Condoms Or Abstinence Could Be Very Important For Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Thanks To Their Fiji Trip

Mark Metcalfe / StringerGetty Images

Many royals fans have probably learned more about the Zika virus than they ever thought they would, all thanks to Meghan and Prince Harry’s itinerary during their first international tour. The virus is present in some countries, including Tonga and Fiji. It’s transmitted by mosquitoes, and there’s no vaccines or medication available.

And while the duchess is reportedly going to be banned from visiting the jungle or rainforest, Prince Harry is still planning on visiting a Fijian rainforest, according to The Sun. That means that Harry could be at risk for the Zika virus, which is notable, considering that it can be transmitted between people. Unfortunately, the virus can be transmitted through sex when people don’t use a condom, detailed ABC News.

One of the other problems about Zika is that some people can appear to be completely unaffected, when they are, in fact, infected. So even if Prince Harry might seem and feel fine, he would need to take extra care to not infect his wife and future baby.

And surely the doctors that the royal couple consulted would have told them something similar, as the CDC recommends people to either abstain from sex completely or to use condoms. And if abstinence is chosen, then it’s recommended for the entire duration of the pregnancy.

And while there’s no way to prevent or treat Zika after it’s been contracted, there are ways to find out if someone has it. You can get tested for it, however. It’s usually done through a blood or urine testing, and the process is recommended for pregnant woman, noted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Perhaps both Meghan and Harry will get tested for Zika after their trip to Tonga and Fiji are over.

And it’s not just pregnant women that are advised to take extra care when visiting Zika-risk countries. Women considering pregnancy should also be aware of the risks.

The extra care also extends after the trip is over to Zika-risk countries, too. Unfortunately, if you’re affected with Zika, you can give it to a mosquito that bites you. That mosquito then becomes infected with the virus, and thus can go and infect many others.

Because the virus can lead to serious birth defects in fetuses, including severe brain problems, the royal couple is likely to take all necessary precautions before, during, and after their trip. But all in all, experts have voiced that the decision to visit a Zika-prone country is entirely up to the couple and their medical advisors, described the Inquisitr.