Demi Rose Rocks Her Workout As She Embraces Challenging Fitness Training Session

Demi RoseInstagram

Demi Rose Mawby knows how to rock a bikini and she has built up a following of 7.7 million people who love watching her every move. The Instagram model tends to make it all look effortless, but she did share an inside look at how she is throwing herself back into working out and she wasn’t going it alone.

In her latest Instagram Story updates, Demi Rose shared that she and YouTube star Charlotte Parkes were at the Lichfield Urban Fitness Group facility to work out together. The Instagram sensation admitted that this was her first training session in a while, and she added that it was a team effort. She also thanked the facility for the great workout.

In the short clips that Demi shared, she and Charlotte were challenging themselves with some crunches and planks. There was a trainer encouraging them and some loud, fitness-inspiring music playing to keep them going. Mawby was throwing herself into it, determined to push herself and get in a good workout.

Demi Rose had her long, brunette hair pulled back in a simple ponytail and she was wearing black leggings and sneakers. She also had on a black sports bra, showing off her impressive abs and slim waist.

She told The Sun earlier this year that her enviable figure was the result of “genes, a hell of a lot of hard work and dedication in the gym and a good well balanced nutritious diet.” At the beginning of the year, she was training four to five times a week with Dean Delandro and she was definitely seeing great results.

It sounds as if life got busy and Demi’s routine fell by the wayside for a while, but she seems ready to get herself back into the gym again. She has also talked about maintaining a healthy diet where she focuses on proteins over carbs, eating plenty of nuts, eggs, chicken, and fish. She did admit, however, that she does find salted nuts or chocolate nuts to be a guilty pleasure.

Demi’s hourglass figure has prompted plenty of talk about whether she’s had plastic surgery to enhance her chest and derriere. She’s previously denied it, although side-by-side comparisons of various photos of Mawby continue to spark comparisons and questions.

Regardless of how Demi Rose Mawby has achieved her buzzworthy figure, the Instagram hottie seems ready to throw herself back into a regular fitness routine to maintain it. Every sexy post she puts up on Instagram makes her followers go wild and she seems ready to transition this social media fame into other projects quite soon.