Heidi Klum Flaunts Her Assets In Sexy Alien Halloween Costume

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It’s only 15 days until Halloween, and some people enjoy the spooky holiday more than most — including Heidi Klum. The beautiful Project Runway star has been counting down the days until Halloween, and is titillating the senses of her fans on Instagram by posting a series of sizzling Halloween ensembles that she’s worn over years past. One of her most recent posts includes a slideshow of her posing as a sultry golden alien in 2003. The costume that the 45-year-old fashion icon wore was designed to hug her in all of the right places while showing plenty of skin.

The first image that Heidi Klum posted of the crazy getup shows a head-to-toe shot of her, showcasing her bust. Apparently, aliens don’t mind going braless and flaunting it — kind of like Klingon females. In the picture, the TV personality is wearing long golden hair extensions with a vacuum hose coiled through it like a barrette.

The image in question also shows some great detail in the bodysuit, which is a gold exoskeleton worn over tight golden leotards. Another later shot flashes a peek at Klum’s pert derriere. Heidi Klum wrote in the caption of the post that she had a flashy grill made for the golden alien getup, and she flashes her teeth proudly in one of the close-ups. She topped the look off with gobs of sparkling yellow glitter on her face and fantastically long, sunny eyelashes.

The Inquisitr has previously reported on the supermodel’s affinity for Halloween. Klum is well-known for hosting annual Halloween bashes that include a slew of spine-chilling and eye-popping costumes. Her first Halloween soiree was thrown in the year 2000, and she posted a slideshow on Instagram to commemorate the occasion. She wrote on the post that since she is German, she figured it would be fun to go as a “traditional dirndl.” She’s almost unrecognizable in pigtails, patent leather and spiked collar.

Heidi Klum followed up her gothic costume the next year, dressing as a sultry Lady Godiva — complete with long and flowing hair. The America’s Got Talent judge showed her dedication to Halloween by riding into the party on the back of a horse.

Some of the model’s other crazy costumes that she’s worn for her Halloween parties include Jessica Rabbit, Betty Boop, a robot, a vampire, and Cleopatra. She wore the aforementioned golden alien costume to her Halloween party of 2003.

Klum, who is a mom to four, once told People that it’s Halloween at her home all year long. That statement isn’t hard to believe after looking at some of the fun and crazy costumes that she’s been posting on Instagram.

Last year — at her 18th Annual Halloween Party — her costume completely covered her up. She dressed up as a demonic cat-beast. Klum had previously dressed up as Jessica Rabbit at her 16th Annual Halloween Party. Her fans can’t wait to see what she comes up with this October 31!

Image of Heidi Klum dressed up as a cat beast at 2017 Halloween Party
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Heidi Klum dressed as Jessica Rabbit
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