17-Year-Old Model Kaia Gerber Shows Off Her New Tattoos On Instagram

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Kaia Gerber is one of the hottest names in fashion right now. The 17-year-old model might look familiar to those who remember the supermodel wave in the 1980s and ’90s. That’s because she’s the daughter of the legendary Cindy Crawford. The two have constantly been compared to each other as Kaia looks almost identical to her mother. However, Kaia is showing off her independence with new ink. The model shared a serious selfie on Instagram that featured a tease of a tattoo on her arm just days ago. It’s unclear what the script says but it looks gorgeous in its simplicity.

The model also shared a peek of another tattoo on her Instagram story. While painting, Kaia’s thigh showed a tiny rocket ship. The ink was most likely done by Rafael Valdez. While it’s unclear if he did both tattoos, he definitely did the tattoo on Kaia’s arm. The artist shared a post on Instagram documenting Kaia’s session. She actually went with her brother Presley, who also got a tattoo from the artist. Presley had tattoos already, including a dreamlike script that featured Kaia’s name on his arm. He also followed in his mom’s footsteps and models as well. In fact, both Kaia and Presley have been booked in shows together according to posts on their Instagram accounts.

Even though Kaia is just 17, it would be strange to compare her life and decisions to that of a “normal” teenager. The model has already walked in shows for Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. She had a busy Fashion Month and walked in multiple shows across the globe. New York City, Milan, and Paris all welcomed Kaia with open arms as she stomped the runway for iconic designers and brands.

Cindy Crawford has yet to comment on her daughter’s tattoos but the mother clearly supports her child no matter what. The former supermodel shares photos of her children constantly and seems genuinely proud of their success. Since Kaia is underage, one of her parents would’ve had to sign off on her new tattoos.

If you were to scroll through Cindy’s Instagram, you may have to do a double-take on her throwback posts since Kaia looks so similar to her mother all those years ago. The pair shares gorgeous brown eyes, defined brows, and a petite nose. Presley, who is Cindy’s oldest child, also looks like his mother but his blonde hair and jawline set him apart.

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Since Kaia is only 17, this is just the start of her fashion career. Fans of Cindy Crawford and her children are looking forward to seeing the young star succeed just like her mother.

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