Actress Busy Philipps Believes Michelle Williams And Heath Ledger Would Have Reunited

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Busy Philipps reveals a lot in her new memoir, This Will Only Hurt a Little. One heartbreaking piece of information detailed in the book is her belief that her best friend, Michelle Williams, would have eventually reunited with her ex-boyfriend Heath Ledger had he not tragically passed away, People is reporting.

According to Variety, Philipps and Williams have been best friends for nearly two decades after meeting on the set of the hit television show Dawson’s Creek. Williams even named Philipps as the godmother of her child, Matilda, who she had with Ledger in 2005. Williams and Ledger met on the set of the film Brokeback Mountain and quickly fell in love. While the couple had split in 2007 after three years of dating, Philipps had high hopes for a reconciliation between the two. Unfortunately, Ledger passed away from a prescription drug overdose on January 22, 2008.

“He and Michelle were in the process of separating at that point, and I felt sad for both of them but weirdly like something would be figured out and it wasn’t the end of the story for them,” Philipps wrote in her book. “They were so young and that baby was the light of both of their lives. They were just working all the time and it was complicated. S**t is always complicated. Especially when you’re twenty-eight. And movies stars. With a baby.”

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams attend the 2006 Independent Spirit Awards
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Reportedly, Philipps rushed to Williams’ apartment upon the announcement of Ledger’s death, and stayed there with her and Williams’ mother for a time after. Needless to say, if anyone has any insight to Ledger’s relationship with Williams, it’s Philipps.

Williams has only spoken briefly about the grieving process to the press, most recently in an issue of Vanity Fair. There, she discussed telling her daughter — now age 12 — about her father. Matilda was only 2 years old at the time of Ledger’s passing.

“I always say to Matilda, ‘Your dad loved me before anybody thought I was talented, or pretty, or had nice clothes,'” she revealed. Though Williams has found love again — and married musician Phil Elverum — this past summer, it’s clear that Ledger’s memory is still palpable.

Philipps caused controversy earlier this year by posting a photo of her comforting Williams on the 10th anniversary of Ledger’s death with the simple caption “It’s ok,” Us Weekly reported. Philipps clarified that she didn’t intend to exploit Ledger’s passing. Williams cleared the air by stating that she trusted her best friend’s judgment.