Modern Warfare 2 leaderboards hacked on PS3

A bunch of cheating peens with nothing better to do have decided to hack the leaderboards for Modern Warfare 2 on the PlayStation 3.

The hackers have been active over the last few days, and now their names appear at the top of the leaderboards with literally impossible scores and figures – such as play time that totals tens of thousands of days.

Right now, this doesn’t appear to be affecting the Xbox 360 or PC versions, and I’d hope Activision/Infinity Ward moves quickly to fix this nonsense (though neither has made a comment yet). I know it’s the same with every big release – you’ll always get some dickshoe who’ll happily cheat his way to the top – but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be addressed swiftly.

This is just the latest bout of cheating to hit the massively popular first-person shooter. It’s not been out for a month yet, but already hacks for the PC version are available, and thousands of “players” have already been banned by Infinity Ward. Uuuugh, people.

[Via CVG]