Donald Trump Prepares For A Massive Ted Cruz Rally In Texas In An Arena That Can Hold 10,000 Supporters

Mark Wilson Getty Images

Donald Trump has faithfully kept his promise to help support Ted Cruz and will be attending an enormous rally on his behalf in Houston at the NRG Arena on October 22. With the arena able to seat just under 10,000 supporters, this fulfills Trump’s commitment back in August when he declared that he would soon hold a “major rally in the biggest stadium in Texas we can find.”

As the Houston Chronicle reports, the NRG Arena is not the largest venue of its kind in Texas. The largest venue would technically be Kyle Field at the Texas A&M University campus, which is able to seat 102, 733 people. But Trump isn’t letting that stop him, and the Ted Cruz rally will be the sixth one that the president has had so far in Texas, and the second one that has been held specifically in Houston since 2015, where he first set off campaigning for his presidency.

Michael Glassner, who is the Chief Operating Officer for Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., explained that Donald Trump is looking forward to visiting Texas again and celebrating what he believes is a “booming” economy.

“We are pleased to announce the next stop on our national midterm campaign tour with a Make America Great Again rally on Monday, October 22nd in Houston, Texas, featuring President Donald Trump. The President looks forward to celebrating the booming Trump economy that’s delivering new jobs and bigger paychecks to the hardworking men and women across the Lone Star State.”

The Ted Cruz rally that Trump will be holding comes at a crucial time for Cruz as O’Rourke, who has been a Congressman three times running, has raised an astounding sum of money at $38.1 million. This by far eclipses the amount of money that Cruz has raised for his Senate race, which is being reported at $12 million.

O’Rourke took to the stage in San Antonio and announced Donald Trump’s support of Cruz, claiming, “To me it demonstrates that Sen Cruz will put his political ambition, his prospects in the election ahead of anything else, including his family, including those he’s sworn to represent here in Texas.”

But despite Ted Cruz’s lack of funding, polls are showing that he still has a slight single-digit lead in the race. Besides the support of the president, there is also the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., that Cruz can count on, and who appeared on his behalf at a rally in Conroe.

The Ted Cruz rally at the NRG Arena will begin at 6:30 p.m. and for those who plan on attending along with Donald Trump, there is a requirement that you must first sign up for the event on Trump’s campaign website.