Michael Buble Has No Plans To Retire In Wake Of Sons Cancer Battle

Andrew Chin Getty Images

To this dismay of his many fans, there have been rumors circulating lately that Michael Buble may be retiring from his singing career. This was brought on by a recent interview Buble did with the Daily Mail about how his life has changed since discovering the heartbreaking news of his 5-year-old son Noah’s cancer diagnosis, changing his perception of fame.

“But my whole being’s changed. My perception of life. I don’t know if I can even get through this conversation without crying. And I’ve never lost control of my emotions in public.”

Noah, just 3-years-old at the time of his diagnosis of liver cancer, is now in remission. He is the oldest of the three children Buble shares with Argentinian actress Luisiana Lopilato. Though things are looking up for young Noah, the ordeal has had a lasting effect on the way Buble looks at life and he now realizes that not everything is within his control.

“The celebrity narcissism. I started to crumble. But then I started to wonder why I wanted to do this in the first place,” he said.

It was because of this statement that many feared he was stepping out of the spotlight altogether. Thankfully, a representative for Buble spoke out to put this rumor to rest.

“He is NOT retiring,” the rep told Today. “Definitely not.”

Rather, Buble is using music as a way to share some of the life lessons he learned from the difficult experience. Upon the break of the news of his son’s illness, his family was surrounded by the love and prayers of millions of people across the globe. This support was what helped give Buble the strength to fight through his crushing pain and devastation. It is also why he has found the will to continue singing.

“I felt a debt of gratitude, deeper than I can explain, to the millions of people all over the world who prayed for us and showed us compassion,” he said.

It was due to this debt that Buble found the inspiration to create his upcoming album entitled Love. Due to be released on November 14, this album is his way to show the world his gratitude for the compassion showered upon his family when they needed it most.

Fans of Buble can rest easy knowing that he has no plans to stop singing and that Love will not be the last masterpiece he gives them.