After Piers Morgan Calls Daniel Craig ‘Emasculated’ For Carrying Baby, Men Respond With Pictures Carrying Kids

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

Piers Morgan is no stranger to putting his foot in his mouth, and the TV personality has done it again. On Sunday, Morgan called out James Bond star and new father Daniel Craig for carrying his baby in a papoose. Morgan took to his Twitter account to call Craig “emasculated.”

Twitter wasn’t here for it, though. People immediately began responding with their own photos showing men carrying babies and criticizing Morgan for his outdated parenting notions.

“There’s nothing more manly than providing for your child. What do you think it means to be a man, dressing up in a costume and taking selfies with a cigar?” tweeted Max Kennerly.

Other users called out Morgan for trying to get attention with is offensive tweets.

“Weird, sometimes you’ll condemn people for being bad fathers if it gets you publicity, whereas here you’re condemning someone for being a good father to get you publicity. I’m trying to work out what the common factor is, but it’s eluding me,” said designer and writer Tom Coates.

Daniel Craig played the famous 007 in four James Bond movies. He and his wife actress Rachel Weisz welcomed a baby girl into their family in late September this year. The pair has been married for seven years, and together they co-parent two children from previous relationships.

Craig hit the streets of East Village in New York City with his baby girl strapped to his chest. Apparently, Morgan took issue with Craig’s parenting techniques.

“Oh 007.. not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond,” he tweeted.

Twitter responded to Morgan with a collective eye-roll.

“My husband is 6ft 3″ a Royal Navy submariner and has always been happy to carry the kids around! If this is emasculating then I’m all for it!” said Fiona Moore-McGrath.

Other users hilariously mocked Morgan.

“My son is 6’5″ and trained in hand to hand combat, and works as a surface warfare officer. He’d flatten you with one punch you great ninny,” said Alex HouseofLeaves.

Another user cleverly pointed out that Craig is not the first James Bond to be seen caring for their child.

Other men were happy to weigh in on the debate by posting photos of themselves carrying babies.

After the flood of responses on Twitter, Morgan weighed in on the topic once again. First, he asked President Donald Trump for his opinion. Trump has yet to weigh in on the great debate.

“One thing’s clear after tonight’s ferocious Papoose-gate debate: we need a new James Bond. A 007 who looks sharp in a tux & wouldn’t be seen dead in a papoose….” Morgan said on Monday.