Cardi B Honors Her Daughter Kulture With $1 Million In Diamond Jewelry

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Superstar rapper Cardi B got a huge new addition to her jewelry collection at her surprise 26th birthday party in Los Angeles over the weekend, according to Page Six.

The 26-year-old rap sensation was thrown a massive surprise party at Beauty & Essesx by her husband — Migos member Offset — and was given a gorgeous diamond-encrusted charm bracelet adorned with the name of the pair’s daughter, Kulture.

Offset naturally had one of his own to match his wife’s.

Cardi was thankful to both her husband and Pristine Jewelers in an Instagram post featuring the bracelet. The bracelet wasn’t the only jewelry on display, as it was shown along with a necklace, a massive pair of gold hoops bearing her daughter’s name inlayed in diamonds — and an incredible rose gold Rolex watch gifted to her by Quality Control Music, Migos’ record label.

Offset has a long history of spending big on his bae, dropping at least $110,000 on Cardi during the summer of 2017. He confirmed the pair’s engagement by giving her a massive 20-carat diamond ring during a concert in Philadelphia, according to The Cut.

Despite all the bling that Cardi raked in over her birthday weekend, she told her 34.6 million Instagram followers about a much more risque type of birthday wish, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Despite all of the money that the couple has dropped on one another, their relationship has seen some struggles as well.

On Christmas Eve in 2017, a video of Offset cheating on Cardi B with another woman surfaced online.

Despite internet rumors that this might mean the end of the rap power couple, Cardi and Offset were all over Instagram together in the days following. Cardi B took to the popular social media platform to defend her decision to stay with the rapper, despite his infidelity.

“You live and you learn,” She told fans on Instagram Live.

The couple quickly rebounded from the cheating scandal, with Offset doubling down on the couple’s future by getting his then-fiancee’s name tattooed on his neck.

Months later, Cardi made her announcement that she was pregnant during Offset’s first Saturday Night Live performance in early April.

In late August, Cardi shared a video on Instagram of the couple and their newborn baby girl, Kulture — giving fans their first peek at the couple’s pride and joy.

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Cardi even recently revealed to her followers on Twitter that she was considering having another baby, leading many to call for the rapper to get a proper tour under her belt before having another little bundle of joy.