‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Carly Has Questions, Drew Leans On Franco, And Sam Lashes Out At Liz

Craig SjodinABC

The October 15 episode of General Hospital is slated to have some juicy moments according to the latest spoilers. There’s more of Nelle coming during Monday’s show as well as some tense moments among various pairs of characters. Just how intense will things get?

As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, Nelle will get emotional when she sees Brad holding “Wiley.” She’ll seemingly slip and make a comment about how big the baby has gotten, which will prompt Carly to wonder how Nelle would know that.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Nelle will scramble and come up with a way to cover her slip. However, some wonder if this will gnaw at Carly and soon lead her to start digging into this adoption. She Knows Soaps notes that Carly will get a surprise, and it seems likely to be connected to this courthouse drama.

The timing of Nelle and Michael’s baby being born and the adoption placement of Brad and Lucas’ baby hasn’t seemed too coincidental to anybody yet. The hunt is still on for Obrecht, and if she’s found she could potentially blow up the story about Jonah being stillborn.

In the meantime, Carly may start to piece things together with the baby’s heart condition that mirrored Michael’s, Nelle’s hint that there’s more she’s hiding, and now her comment about Wiley getting so big. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s still going to take some time for the truth to emerge about Wiley really being Jonah, though.

Drew has a difficult decision to make now that he knows Margaux has the flash drive of his memories and is willing to trade it for his help in nailing Sonny. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Franco will cross paths with Drew and offer to provide a shoulder for him to lean on.

The two men are slowly rebuilding their relationship and it looks like Franco will try to help Drew navigate this challenging decision process. Not only will Franco provide some support to Drew, but executive producer Frank Valentini teased via Twitter that Drew will be lending some support to Franco as well.

Elizabeth and Sam will also be having a chat during Monday’s show, but it doesn’t look quite as positive. These two women have a long history of rubbing one another the wrong way and it looks like Sam will assume that Elizabeth is about to tear into her once again.

General Hospital spoilers note that Sam will assume that Liz is going to ask her to stay away from Jason for Drew’s sake. As Sam blasts her nemesis, Elizabeth looks like she’s tempted to get snarky in response. While it’s not clear yet whether Sam’s guess regarding this visit is right, it does seem likely that Liz will try to defuse the situation and have a positive talk.

Jason and Sonny will talk about the Margaux situation, but they will get interrupted, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that there will be a visit to Ferncliff to check in on Kevin. Laura will question what someone has done with her husband, clearly questioning how oddly “Kevin” has been acting. Unfortunately, she’s just confused at this point and it’s going to take a while for the truth about Ryan being on the loose to emerge.

Things are getting wild with numerous storylines right now on General Hospital and spoilers hint that this week will be a wild one. Don’t miss Monday’s episode to see how things go with Nelle and stay tuned for additional teasers as the week of October 15 proceeds.