Rita Ora, Wearing See-Through Body Suit, Leaves Little To The Imagination In Latest Instagram Post

Kevork DjansezianGetty Images

Her post is technically a video, promoting her latest single and touting its current placement on the U.K. record charts. But that’s probably not what most of Rita Ora’s followers are drawn to when they first see her most recent Instagram post.

Ora, whose latest album Phoenix is set to debut in November according to reporting from Billboard, posted a full-body pose of herself in her latest Instagram post. With her hands at both sides of her head — and staring down at the camera below — Ora, wearing an all-blue thin-as-can-be body suit, leaves little to the imagination.

Although technically Instagram has a nudity policy according to their terms of service, Ora’s image will probably pass scrutiny as it does not directly show her exposed skin in the posting. Still, those who click onto her post will have little doubt about what’s hidden beneath her choice of skin-tight, sheer fabric.

The video itself is a still of that image, with a bit of her newest single, “Let You Love Me,” playing in the background. The song, the artist points out, “is #1 for the 3rd week in a row on UK’s biggest chart show!” Ora included a link to her track in her post as well.

Ora is excited about the direction that this album took, saying as much in a recent interview. “This album is a true labor of love, and it was important for me to do it my way,” she explained, according to reporting from Pop Scoop. “I’m so appreciative of the love and support from those who worked with me on the record and allowed me create something I’m really proud of.”

The risque photograph of Ora is not something that she’s unaccustomed to, either. Earlier this month, the British singer shared an image of herself from the cover of Clash. In that post, which the Inquistr reported on when it came out, Ora is completely nude. The singer used parts of her own body to block out the areas that would ordinarily warrant an Instagram review.

Although many of her fans appreciate the artful way in which she depicts her body, not everyone is happy with it — including Ora’s own mother, who says that she has to speak to her daughter about the matter whenever the two are together.

“‘Put some clothes on, now!'” Vera Sahatçiu, Ora’s mother, said that she tells her daughter. “Every time she’s on in London, I go and have mother-daughter talks.”