Madonna Celebrates Daughter Lourdes' 22nd Birthday With Series Of Photos: 'Light Of My Life'

It's hard to believe that Madonna's daughter Lourdes is already 22-years-old.

To celebrate the occasion, Lourdes' famous mother took to her popular Instagram account to share a series of photos to celebrate the big day. In the first photo in a series of three, the 60-year-old posted a picture of herself and her daughter attending what appears to be a birthday dinner. Both ladies wrap their arms around one another, and press their cheeks together for the snapshot.

Lourdes looks casual in a pair of jeans and a tank top, wearing her hair in a top knot with minimal makeup. Madonna wears all black as she styles her hair down, slightly crimped. Both Lourdes and Madonna also appear to be enjoying a glass of wine. The caption of the image was equally as sweet as the photo itself.

"Happy Birthday to My Darling Lolita! Light of my Life! Me Preciosa! #littlestar."
The next photographic post from the iconic pop singer seems to be a throwback of herself and her daughter at a fashion show. In the selfie taken by Madonna, she cocks her head to the side as she wears a big smile on her face. The iconic singer is again wearing all black -- and definitely appears to be dressed to impress.

Lourdes, on the other hand, looks just as chic in fishnet stockings and a furry white jacket. The 22-year-old covers her face with her hand while sporting an inquisitive look on her face. So far, that image has earned Madonna a ton of attention, attracting over 245,000 likes in addition to 2,600 comments. Some fans were quick to chime in to wish Lourdes a happy birthday, while countless others took the opportunity to gush over how beautiful the mother and daughter combo are.

"Beautiful daughter! Happy birthday!" one user wrote.

"Who is the mom here? Astonishingly beautiful women," another commented.

"How could she not be so beautiful with such a beautiful mama like you!!! Happy birthday," a third gushed.

The last Instagram photo in the set features a sweet throwback of Lourdes. In the image, she appears to be perhaps about six-years-old. The youngster wears her hair in a crown braid as she looks into the camera innocently. She has a little red flower painted on her face -- as well as what appears to be a bit of red lipstick.

Like her other birthday photos, this one has earned Madonna a ton of attention from her 12 million plus Instagram followers. Said followers showered the image with over 157,000 favorites and 1,500 comments.