Heidi Klum Gets Ready For Halloween With Sexy Betty Boop Throwback

Supermodel Heidi Klum could not be more excited for Halloween as she takes to Instagram to post throwback photos of her creative and outrageous costumes over the years. The Project Runway host does not mess around when it comes to Halloween and is known for hosting an annual bash, complete with all of the spooky, spine-chilling, and hilarious costumes she creates every year.

According to The Telegraph, the mom of four once told People magazine, "In our house it's Halloween all year round," and it isn't hard to believe after seeing some of the throwback costumes she's been posting on her Instagram page. Some of the model's most notable costumes include Lady Godiva, a robot, a vampire, an ape, and Cleopatra, but the most recent snap features her dressed up as cartoon character Betty Boop and is dated back to 2002.

In the photo, Klum is posing in front of a crowd of fans. She is wearing a tight, curve-hugging red dress that pushes up her breasts and flatters her ample backside. She paired the dress with red high heels, red satin gloves, silver bracelets, and hoop earrings. She's wearing a wig modeled after Betty Boop's signature dark curls and has her lips painted a dark red. She looks at the camera with thick lashes and eyeshadow while playfully striking a pose.

Next to the photo, the model wrote the caption, "Countdown to Halloween: 16 days! In 2002 I dressed as Betty Boop for #HeidiHalloween! I loved those super long eyelashes and extra curves, so much fun to dress as a cartoon character! I loved it so much that I did it again many years later… #HeidiHalloween2018 #HeidiKlumHalloween."

In the comment section, Klum's followers expressed how much they loved the creative costume, with many of them adding that they were excited to see her costume this year, which will be kept a secret until Halloween night. One fan even called her the "queen" of Halloween while another told her she was hands down the "hottest Boop ever."

Another user wrote, "We're waiting for the big surprise! Costume 2018!! You're the best!"

Last month, Klum posted a sneak peek of her 2018 costume on Instagram, reported Entertainment Tonight. In a short video, fans can see a workshop with a mold of an upper body and face sitting on a table. In her caption, she gives a shout out to Prosthetic Renaissance Inc., the company that is creating her Halloween costume. The teaser video caused fans to try and guess what the costume was going to be. The guesses ranged from a nun to Mona Lisa, but fans will have to wait until the 31st to find out for sure.