October 28, 2017
2015 Hurricane Season: Tropical Storm Danny To Become Hurricane Danny Near Florida/Caribbean?

The 2015 hurricane season computer model predictions for Tropical Storm Danny already hold the potential for the storm formation to become Hurricane Danny. Unfortunately, it is too soon to tell whether Tropical Storm Danny will make landfall in the United States, or whether the weather forecast may cause it to dry up and disappear off the radar.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a 2015 earthquake prediction claims that tsunamis pose a large danger for the Cascadia subduction zone, which affects California, Oregon, and Washington State. Some FEMA officials warn that the Cascadia fault line could "toast" the west coast, and scientists are urging public officials to create emergency response plans just in case the "really big one" happens.

Fortunately, in recent years the Florida hurricane season has been very mild. Tropical Storm Danny may change Florida's sunny forecast for next week, especially if it becomes Category 2 Hurricane Danny. According to NOAA, the biggest determination for this 2015 hurricane season is whether the dry weather hanging over the caribbean will hamper Tropical Storm Danny from strenghtening further.

"There is nothing obvious that would impede gradual intensification during the next few days, except for the possible entrainment of dry air associated with a Saharan Air Layer following the cyclone to the north. Around the time Danny approaches the Lesser Antilles in 3 to 5 days, global models have divergent solutions regarding the strength and position of the mid-oceanic trough, which will ultimately affect Danny's intensity."
The Weather Channel also notes how the dry weather could affect Tropical Storm Danny.
"Dry air hampers tropical cyclones by encouraging the development of stronger thunderstorm downdrafts, which then either squelch nearby thunderstorms from forming or push them away. This dry air is also stable, meaning it suppresses upward vertical columns of air needed to maintain or form new thunderstorms. This will be a continual challenge to Danny over the next several days, as water vapor imagery indicates an ample reservoir of dry air north of Danny extending westward into the eastern Caribbean Sea."
The 2015 hurricane season predictions have Tropical Storm Danny reaching land around the Lesser Antilles islands this Sunday, August 23, 2015. At this point, wind speeds could reach to around 80 MPH, although weather forecasts adjust constantly based upon new data.

Writing for the Washington Post, Brian McNoldy of the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science notes that it is too soon to tell where Tropic Storm Danny may be headed this coming week. Based upon a comparison to similar storms of the past, it's possible Danny will be part of the Florida hurricane season, or it could swing toward either the Gulf of Mexico or veer back out into the Atlantic.

Hurricane Danny Computer Models
Tropical Storm Danny [Image via Brian McNoldy UM/RSMAS]Still, the 2015 hurricane season may be mild once again since McNoldy also notes that the "intrusion of extremely dry air is unanimous among these models and might prove to be the death" of Tropical Storm Danny.