‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Drew Explores His Options On Whether To Turn On Sonny And Jason

Drew holds Sonny and his loved ones in his hands this week on 'General Hospital.'

Billy Miller plays the role of Drew Cain on GH.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Drew holds Sonny and his loved ones in his hands this week on 'General Hospital.'

Drew Cain has a decision to make on General Hospital this week. Will he finally gain his own memories back at the expense of the Corinthos family and everyone close to them? Or will he refuse to help the DA in taking Sonny down and risk losing his true identity? He is expected to decide what to do by the end of the week, but it’s not exactly a cut and dry kind of choice to make.

Drew has held onto Jason’s memories for a long time. Despite being a little worried about what he may find out about his own past, he wants to have his memories back and Margaux Dawson can give that to him. She is blackmailing him with the flash drive so that she can take Sonny down for the murder of her father. General Hospital spoilers by Soap Central indicate that Drew will be weighing his options. He refused to play Margaux’s game until she revealed that she has his memories in her hot little hands. That changed everything.

Now, Drew will be spending the week figuring out what to do. The recent issue of Soap Opera Digest reports that he meets with Sonny. The mobster learns that the dirty DA has stooped to a new level to send him to prison. He will plead with Drew not to give in. After all, he would be using Jason to take down Sonny’s BFF, so that would be a betrayal to both of them. It is a complicated situation to be in. Drew doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but he does want to remember his past.

Drew is in a tough place. If he chooses to go along with Margaux, not only would Sonny and Jason be taken down, but that would mean everyone associated with them would be affected as well. As General Hospital‘s co-head writer Chris Van Etten spilled to Soap Opera Digest, Drew doesn’t want to see anyone hurt in all of this. Sonny’s kids, Carly, and even Sam would be included.

Sam and Drew share a past and a daughter. He is expected to bite the bullet to go confide in her as well. They have somewhat of a complicated friendship these days, but she is one who Drew has drawn encouragement from. He rejected her support through Oscar’s illness, but now he will be seeking her out to help in making the right decision. Sam may just be the key to his final decision.

Keep watching this week to see if Drew Cain will give in to Margaux’s blackmail or if he will refuse to play her game. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.