Brigham And Women's Hospital: Woman In Labor Dances To 'Tootsee Roll' [Video]

Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, has a newly famous patient! According to the Boston Globe, a woman named Yuki Nishizawa has her very own viral video after her husband filmed her dancing through her labor pains. Yuki and her husband, Connell Cloyd, were preparing to welcome their baby, when Yuki decided that she wanted to get up and dance.

"It's all authentic. She said put on some music. I said, 'OK, we should crank it up.' We were laughing about it and I took some videos, thinking our friends on Facebook will think this is funny. I never thought it'd get this big. I hope she inspires a lot of women to go natural and dance it on out," said Cloyd.

Brigham and Women's Hospital nurses watched Yuki Nishizawa as she got down to "Cupid's Shuffle" and "Tootsee Roll." Holding her stomach from time to time, and letting out some small yells, Yuki danced quite a bit before giving birth. The couple's son, Coji, was born around 1:30 a.m., and weighed 6 pounds, 15 ounces.

According to Pop Sugar, Yuki's water broke while she was dancing, but she kept the moves flowing! Thousands of people have seen the videos posted by Connell, and several people are hoping that the videos get seen by Ellen DeGeneres, who is a big fan of dancing.

If you like entertaining dance videos, check out this one. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kahuku class of 2015 put together a special routine that was performed during their graduation.

[Photo via Facebook]