Tobey Maguire’s Supposed Paparazzi Scuffle Makes Headlines

Tobey Maguire attracts paparazzi drama, I see! Even though he wasn’t directly involved with a photog getting beat on this weekend (see above), it has been alleged that his friends were part of the action. Tobey was hanging out at the photographer-infested Mr. Bones pumpkin patch in West Hollywood when a woman (white shirt), who was said to be a friend of Tobey’s, confronted the photographers while yelling and gesturing.

The video cuts to the woman heading inside with an unidentified male. . . and a photographer sitting on the steps with a bloodied head. Ouch. At least Dean McDermott knows how to treat the paparazzi crowds.

Why do celebs even bother going to Mr. Bones’ pumpkin yard? If it’s teeming with snappers, you’d think they’d take a rain check to avoid bust-ups.