Home Depot Will Hire 80,000 Seasonal Workers This Spring

Home Depot has announced that it will hire around 80,000 seasonal workers this spring.

Tim Crow, executive vice president of human resources, said that the spring season is the busiest time of year for the company. According to Fox News, Home Depot has already started filling positions across the United States.

Crow said the company also intends to help military veterans find jobs at area locations. Home Depot plans to set up an online tool that will match skills with jobs that are available at its stores.

Companies that specialize in home goods and furniture tend to see an increase during the spring months. After spending so much time indoors, people are anxious to get outside and begin work on their homes and property. Reuters points out that an improved housing market may also send people looking for tools and supplies.

Although Crow refused to reveal any specific details regarding sales projections, Crow told Bloomberg:

“We anticipate good growth in our sales this spring. Our business pops in the spring.”

Reports indicate that Home Depot will hire roughly 14 percent more seasonal workers than it did this time last year. Since more people will be coming through the doors, the company is looking for folks to work the registers and assist customers with any questions they might have.

However, the stores’ demand for workers will vary. According to USA Today, the company will reportedly hire people based on the needs of each individual location. Climate could also play a role in the number of workers each store needs for the season.

Home Depot Canada will also reportedly add 6,700 associates this spring. The Sacramento Bee explains the company expects sales to increase in the country as well.

Bill Lennie, president of Home Depot Canada, said in a statement:

“As part of the world’s largest home improvement retailer and a leader in the industry, we’re gearing up for continued success in 2013. Our spring hiring season is another way we are able to create jobs and contribute to the Canadian economy. Many associates — from students to retirees — have joined our team during our spring season and built meaningful, sustainable careers.”

Will you apply for one of the 80,000 positions Home Depot hopes to fill by this spring?

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