Sebastian Gorka, Who Attacked Michael Avenatti As ‘Creepy Porn Lawyer,’ Follows ‘Mature’ Adult Instagram Page

The former top Trump adviser has gotten some viral attention for the starnge 'like.'

Sebastian Gorka, Who Attacked Michael Avenatti As 'Creepy Porn Lawyer,' Follows 'Mature MILF' Instagram Page
Alex Wong / Getty Images

The former top Trump adviser has gotten some viral attention for the starnge 'like.'

Sebastian Gorka went on the attack against “creepy porn lawyer” Michael Avenatti, but it turns out that the former Trump adviser has a thing for adult film stars himself.

The former top Trump adviser, who has generated controversy for his ties to white nationalist groups and his support of far-right policies, caused a stir this week when he followed an Instagram account called “40 Plus Beautiful Women Page” that showed adult film actresses in racy poses. Daily Beast reporter Zach Everson noticed Gorka’s strange like, noting that the page is one of just about 250 followed by the former White House official.

Mediaite noted that the page claims it is dedicated to “mature MILFs,” showing advanced age adult film stars and other scantily clad models in racy outfits.

Though some defended Sebastian Gorka for his taste in women, others noted that the former Trump adviser had previously attacked lawyer Michael Avenatti for his connection to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Avenatti has been locked in a legal battle to free Daniels from her non-disclosure agreement with Trump for their alleged affair following the birth of Trump’s son, and Avenatti is also trying to get Trump under oath for the case. Avenatti has also become one of Trump’s chief opponents, frequently mocking him on Twitter.

In turn, Donald Trump has taken to attacking Avenatti as a “creepy porn lawyer,” a term that Gorka defended in a tweet last month.

This is not the first time that Sebastian Gorka has been accused of hypocrisy for his attacks on opponents. As the Washington Post noted, Gorka billed himself as a “tough guy” who once claimed that “the alpha males are back” after Donald Trump moved into the White House. Yet Gorka has been very thin-skinned online, blocking many people who criticize him on Twitter and once making an angry phone call to an academic to complain about his criticism of Gorka.

The report noted that even the sympathetic right-wing outlet Breitbart couldn’t help but notice how fragile Gorka had become since entering the public eye as a top adviser to Trump. The outlet notes that he had become “deeply frustrated” by the personal attacks against him — even after Gorka modeled himself as something of an attack dog against liberal opponents of Donald Trump.

After being contacted by media outlets about his Instagram page like, Sebastian Gorka unfollowed the “Mature Milf” account. He has not commented on the matter.