Merry And Not-So-Bright: Christmas Music May Cause Chaos With Your Mental Health, Science States

There are all kinds of different studies associated with the holidays, and of course, not everyone agrees with the results. Christmas movies have started airing on television at the end of October in recent years and some feel as if that is simply too early to begin that holiday cheer. Well, for those who start playing Christmas music really early, science states that you may be affecting yourself and all those around while damaging your mental health.

According to a report from NBC4I, the main issue comes from department stores and other retail locations that will have Christmas music on an endless loop. During the two months of holiday shopping, many customers hear a lot of it, but the employees hear it throughout each and every shift.

Linda Blair is a clinical psychologist and she stated that retail employees actually stop remembering it is the Christmas season. They do this because they are focusing more on trying to drown out the constant holiday music in their ears.

"People working in shops at Christmas have to learn how to tune it out - tune out Christmas music because if they don't, it really does make you unable to focus on anything else."
It should come as no surprise that Christmas music brings about a negative effect on some people as the holidays are already quite stressful. With parties and expenses and work and traveling, the holidays can truly bring about a lot of added weight to your emotions and mind.

christmas music effects psychological mental health bad
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The issues with Christmas music may run a bit deeper than that, though, as clinical neuropsychologist Rhonda Freeman states. According to a report from NBC News, many love Christmas music because it reminds them of a fun time in their lives and the joys of childhood.

Unfortunately, there are also those who had a rough childhood full of abuse or lack of money, and it led to holidays that weren't overly cheery. Christmas music has a way of bringing back a few of those memories for some people and it makes them sad or even grumpy toward the festive season.

The biggest issue at hand is the overabundance of Christmas music and how people are exposed to it for so long. As reported by Inquisitr, decorating your house early for Christmas has been known to bring about happier feelings and keep you feeling good for a longer period of time.

When it comes to Christmas music, though, the constant repetition at home, in the car, at the mall, and everywhere you go may simply be too much. Experts believe that breaking it up a bit and playing regular music here and there will help keep the stress down somewhat. If you head into the mall, though, you may want to think about the employees who don't seem overly happy as the amount of stress on them is through the roof.