Viral Video Shows ‘Fox News’ Attacking Obama For Inviting Rappers To White House, Praise Trump For Kanye Visit

Oliver Contreras-PoolGetty Images

Anchors on Fox News were full of praise for Kanye West’s unconventional visit to the White House this week.

As one viral video on Twitter shows, there was a very different reaction from the network when Barack Obama invited some notable rappers to the White House during his time in office.

This week, Donald Trump extended an invite to one of his biggest celebrity supporters, rapper Kanye West. What was originally planned as a closed-door lunch to discuss a range of topics ended up as an impromptu press conference where the rapper rambled for 10 minutes on everything from prison reform to the need for “male energy” in the White House. Though the visit was largely criticized for Kanye’s rant and his use of obscenity in the Oval Office, many Fox News personalities saw it as a win for Trump.

“Sometimes unlikely figures emerge in American politics to play important roles, illuminating at times important truths,” said Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “And today, Kanye West in his own eccentric way exposed the intolerance of the left.”

“All [Kanye] wants is answers,” added Sean Hannity. “All he wants is solutions. All he wants is opportunities.”

Outside of Fox News, the visit was largely criticized for giving a platform to West, who himself has been accused of misogyny in his lyrics. West was also criticized for swearing while in the Oval Office and his bizarre statements, including claiming that he felt like “Superman” when he put on Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat.

As a viral video from NowThis shows, those same Fox News personalities had a very different view about inviting rappers to the White House while Obama was in office. The video showed clips discussing a poetry summit where Obama invited rapper and fellow Chicago resident Common.


The reaction to Obama was harsh from Fox News, with anchors saying that Common should not be given a White House invite because of the explicit lyrics in his songs.

“He uses the n-word, he talks about cops, the references about [George W.] Bush,” Hannity said. “This is not the guy you invite to the White House for a poetry reading.”

Hannity also chided Obama for inviting Jay Z and Beyonce to the White House, once again attacking Jay Z’s lyrics and his use of the N-word in his songs. Around that same time, Jay Z released a song called “Ni**as in Paris” — which was co-collaboration with Kanye West.