How Long Will iPhone XS Users Wait For Fixes?

Apple has been hard at work fixing bugs, but many iPhone XS users are still waiting for answers to their problems.

iPhone XS and XS Max users still have complaints
Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Apple has been hard at work fixing bugs, but many iPhone XS users are still waiting for answers to their problems.

Apple recently released an update to the new iOS, v. 12.0.1, which fixed problems with charging that iPhone XS users have been reporting. However, there are still problems lingering with Apple’s newest phone.

One of those problems is pretty huge; iPhones are having trouble making and receiving calls. The iOS release did not fix this problem, which is affecting many XS and XS Max owners, according to Forbes.

Some iPhone users are also having issues with Bluetooth connectivity. This makes it difficult to sync other devices to the phones.

Problems have continued to pile up for the iPhone XS since it was released, and many phone owners are still waiting for answers from Apple. The company went silent during peak complaint times, even when comments flooded the official Apple forums.

Some users who tweeted directly at Apple Support did get answers, but so far, few fixes have been released other than the iOS update. More updates are expected in coming weeks, which could ultimately solve all the lingering issues with the iPhone XS and XS Max.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max hit the market less than one year after the iPhone X debuted in November, 2017. The XS and XS Max debuted with rave reviews, and many people rushed to purchase the $1,000 phone with the amazing camera and incredible speeds. Some users found themselves quickly disappointed, however.

Complaints began to roll in on social media and Apple forums from unhappy iPhone XS and XS Max users who found the smoothing techniques on the front-facing camera to be too strong and experienced issues with weak WiFi. Soon after the new iOS came out, they began complaining of charging issues as well. Some even got out their old iPhones in order to get onto social media sites and share their problems with Apple Support.

Apple asked XS and XS Max owners to download software onto their phones so the issues could be properly traced and addressed, a process which seemingly has yet to be complete.

However, they did release the iOS update to solve the charging issues. Many users complained that their phones had to be in “awake” mode before they would charge, and some said they had trouble getting the XS to charge at all.

In tech tests, the Samsung Note 9 Galaxy out-performed the XS Max in a test of the charging capable of both devices, according to 9 to 5 Mac.

Now that the “chargegate” issues have at least been solved, Apple can focus on fixing the newest round of complaints from users. As for the camera-smoothing techniques revealed by “beautygate,” Apple users have found their own fix for that, as reported by the Inquisitr.