Google Real Time Search Launches, And How To Access It Now

Google has today launched real time search, a mashup of data through its Twitter deal and current search inventory.

According to the official Google spiel “real-time search enables you to discover breaking news the moment it’s happening, even if it’s not the popular news of the day, and even if you didn’t know about it beforehand.” Yes, apparently real time search allows you to search for things you don’t know about yet…yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

In practice, Google real time search takes its visuals from FriendFeed, the soon to be extinct real time sharing site founded by ex-Googlers and now part of Facebook. On a plus side the real time component only takes up part of the screen, so you’ll still see normal results, along with live results when doing a standard search, although notably you can go to a full page of real time results if you want to.

Google real time search will be rolled out globally in the “next few days” according to Google. To access it when it becomes available, Click on “Latest results” or select “Latest” from the search options menu to use.

If you can’t wait that long, add “&esrch=RTSearch” to the end of a search query to access now. The Google real time search demo as follows: