Tammy Hembrow Flaunts Derriere In Tiny Pink Bikini

Lev RadinShutterstock

Tammy Hembrow has become a familiar name to many people for a few different reasons, but lately, it’s her saucy bikini selfies that seem to be doing the trick in raising her social media profile. The Australian social media influencer, designer, and fitness star has been spending time in Fiji this week with her two children and she hasn’t been shy about flaunting her assets while she’s there.

Hembrow has definitely moved on from the embarrassing incident where she was carried out of Kylie Jenner’s birthday party on a stretcher last summer. Not only did that incident leave her flustered, but she also recently split with long-time beau Reece Hawkins and Tammy has been working through a lot with all of this going on.

This week, Tammy took her two little ones on an exotic trip to Fiji and it looks like it’s exactly the getaway she needed to refresh and reboot. As the Inquisitr has previously shared, Hembrow has been spending quality time with her daughter Saskia and son Wolf, but she’s been showcasing some heart-stopping bikini selfies too.

In Hembrow’s latest Instagram post, she is sitting on a lounge chair near the water and she’s got her hair wet and slicked back. She’s wearing a tiny pink bikini, one that fans have seen her wear before during this trip, and she’s looking over her shoulder toward the camera.

It looks like Hembrow is arching her back slightly to present just the perfect pose to showcase her booty in the thong bikini. Tammy has the sultry selfie look fully mastered at this point and her followers made it clear that they loved this particular photo of hers.

The fashion influencer tagged her tiny pink bikini as being from the Australian brand Beginning Boutique. It looks like the top is probably the 9.0 Swim Billy Frill Triangle top in metallic baby pink. As for Hembrow’s tiny pink bikini bottoms, it looks like they are the 9.0 Swim Bambi Tie Up bottoms, also in metallic baby pink.

Tammy’s photo snagged more than 325,000 likes in just about seven hours, and she also got nearly 1,500 comments. Many of her followers admitted that they wished they had a booty like hers and said she was on fire. Hembrow didn’t bother with a complicated caption of any sort with this one. She kept it simple with just a peach emoji and a beach-related emoji.

Earlier on Thursday, Hembrow posted another selfie that her fans also loved. She noted that she was a bit sunburned, and she was wearing a unique and flowy white outfit that showed off her midriff. Tammy often tags what she’s wearing in her Instagram posts, but she didn’t in this case.

Chances are that Tammy Hembrow and her kids will be wrapping up their vacation in Fiji soon, but it looks like it’s been a magical getaway. She seems to have a lot on her plate these days and given how on fire her Instagram page is these days, her followers are likely anxious to see what she tackles next.