Princess Eugenie’s Mother Sarah Ferguson Draws ‘Harry Potter’ Comparisons With Royal Wedding Hat

Sarah Ferguson attends daughter Princess Eugenie's wedding
Steve Parsons- WPA Pool / Getty Images

Another royal wedding garnered worldwide attention on Friday as Princess Eugenie married Jack Brooksbank. These weddings always spark buzzworthy wedding attire choices and that was definitely the case with Eugenie’s mother Sarah Ferguson. Unfortunately, the hat that Sarah wore didn’t exactly win rave reviews.

As People details, Sarah Ferguson wore a green dress for Princess Eugenie’s wedding. The emerald green dress was reportedly designed by Emma Louise Design, a local designer, and Ferguson carried a vintage bag by Manolo Blahnik.

Hats, fascinators, or other types of elaborate headgear are always in play when it comes to these major royal events, and both Eugenie and her sister Princess Beatrice have faced criticism for their choices at previous events. This time, it was Sarah whose pick got people buzzing across social media.

Fergie’s topper was emerald green to match her dress, and it had a gold band around the brim. The gold band also jutted out on either side across the back, and it didn’t take long for people to start comparing it to something from the Harry Potter series.

Specifically, Ferguson’s hat made many people think of the Golden Snitch from the Quidditch games within the Harry Potter stories. Twitter quickly got on board with the comparisons, sharing some fairly good-natured ribbing about how similar the Quidditch Golden Snitch and Fergie’s topper looked.

Royal watchers wondered if Fergie is a secret Harry Potter fans and a number of folks on Twitter tagged author J.K. Rowling in their posts. Rowling is the British author who created the book series and while she hasn’t weighed in on the Golden Snitch comparisons yet, she is known for her buzzworthy tweets and it seems likely she’ll say something at some point.

Sarah’s look for Princess Eugenie’s wedding didn’t draw comparisons only to the Harry Potter series though. Some thought the hat seemed eerily similar to the Wonder Woman logo and others likened the green ensemble to the Star Wars character Yoda. Still, others joked about how the hat made it look as if Fergie was ready for flight.

It was an incredibly windy day as Eugenie and Jack’s wedding took place, leaving many of the ladies holding onto their headpieces to ensure they didn’t lose them. Luckily, Fergie didn’t lose her green-and-gold hat and she looked like she had a great time at her daughter’s wedding.

While Sarah Ferguson’s hat may be drawing some chuckles and criticism, Princess Eugenie looked beautiful in the gown she wore for her wedding to Jack Brooksbank. This event didn’t draw quite the same level of enthusiasm as what the world saw for Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry’s nuptials a few months ago, but it was a grand royal wedding and it looks like everybody had a great time.