Cara Delevingne Dons A Stylish Suit At Princess Eugenie’s Royal Wedding

Cara Delevingne showed how much of a fashion rebel she is when she showed up to Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding wearing a dapper suit and top hat instead of a dress and fascinator. The 26-year-old fashion model/actress accessorized the look with a grey tie and black heels and her short blond locks amped up the tomboy vibe it looks like she was going for.

On Twitter, Delevingne got rave reviews for her daring sartorial choice.

“Couldn’t care less about the wedding but good LORD Cara Delevingne,” one person tweeted, while another wrote, “Cara Delevingne just won the Royal Wedding”

Another Twitter user wondered if this was the first time a woman wore a pants suit to the royal wedding.

The boldness of the choice can’t be understated.

As Vanity Fair reports, royal weddings tend to have strict dress codes and Princess Eugenie’s wedding was no different. Women were expected to wear a day dress with a hat, while men were asked to wear a morning coat.

But the article notes that Delevingne and Eugenie have been friends for years so perhaps the princess doesn’t mind her breaking the rules.

E! Online reports that Delevingne was seen walking to St George’s Chapel, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding venue, alongside journalist Derek Blasberg.

Some of the other celebrity guests at the wedding included fellow British fashion models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, actresses Liv Tyler and Demi Moore and artists like Robbie Williams and Ellie Goulding.

In other fashion news, the BBC reports that Princess Eugenie’s dress was designed to show off a scar she received after a surgery to treat scoliosis or curvature of the spine. In photos taken from the back, you can see a long white scar that trails from the nape of her neck.

Eugenie recently opened up about the fact that she was diagnosed with the condition at 12.

A couple of days before the wedding, she posted photos of her X-rays on Instagram to mark International Scoliosis Awareness Day.

“I had an operation when I was 12 on my back, and you’ll see on Friday [at the wedding], but it’s a lovely way to honor the people who looked after me and a way of standing up for young people who also go through this,” Eugenie said in an interview with ITV This Morning, as reported by the BBC.

There’s no word yet on who designed Delevigne’s suit but details will likely emerge soon as it’s been a fashion highlight at the royal wedding ceremony today.