Odell Beckham Jr. Has Another Meltdown On Thursday Night Football

Odell Beckham Jr. argues with referees on the field.
Steven Ryan / Getty Images

Odell Beckham Jr. let his emotions get the best of him, once again, during the New York Giants’ Week 6 match-up against the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night, October 11. And in the midst of throwing his latest temper, the former All-Pro wide receiver added another visual of himself attacking an inanimate object to his reel of sideline meltdowns.

There was plenty of frustration to go around for a cadre of Giants wideouts that saw quarterback Eli Manning merely complete a single pass of three-or-more yards through the air in the game’s first half, according to ESPN. While rookie phenom Saquan Barkley was ripping off early runs of 9-yards and 46-yards to dominate on the ground, Manning struggled to get anything going downfield. As a result, the offense was only able to advance within the range of a pair of field goals in lead up to the midway point.

With his team trailing by a score of 24-6 in the final seconds of the 2nd quarter, Beckham appeared to pull the kind of diva move that has in-part defined his career. There had been just enough time on the clock for coach Pat Shurmur to run one final play, and he’d do just that. But Beckham didn’t stick around to watch. As Manning assembled the Giants playmakers for what turned out to be a 20-yard connection with Sterling Shepard, New York’s $95-million-man could be seen heading off to the locker room.

Beckham would later tell reporters that his early exit came as the result of cramping and dehydration. He said he wanted to get a jump on the break so that he could have enough time to receive IV treatment, but given his recent behavior fans have been left to question their star’s sincerity. After all, he’d go on to throw at least one more fit before taking home a 34-13 defeat.

Following a 50-yard touchdown run that distinguished Barkley as the only Giants player to score, Beckham could be wrecking a cooling unit off to the side. As he headbutted and threw a flurry of punches at the machine, the Thursday Night Football commentators were prompted to recall his infamous assault on a kicking net, which went viral after it was reported by NBC Sports back in 2016. After seeing Barkley walk over to chat with Beckham, their commentary inferred how telling it was that it took the young running back to settle him down.

After the game, Beckham dispelled the notion that he was coming apart, telling reporters, “I was trying to get myself going.”