‘Riverdale’ Season 3: The Gargoyle King Is Coming Soon And Fans Are Freaking Out About His Identity

Season 3 is only one episode old, but things are turning dark in the town of Riverdale.

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Season 3 is only one episode old, but things are turning dark in the town of Riverdale.

Many fans took a while to latch onto Riverdale after it premiered on The CW two seasons ago, but it has now become one of the most popular shows on TV. Archie Andrews and the gang are really nothing like the innocent characters portrayed in the comic books, but things are about to take a much darker turn. A new villain known as the Gargoyle King was teased in the first episode of Season 3, and now, it has fans completely torn.

Let it be known that there are some spoilers ahead for The CW series Riverdale. If you haven’t watched the first episode of Season 3 or anything from the first two seasons, you will want to stop reading now.

At the end of Season 2, Archie was arrested for murder, even though was Mr. Hiram Lodge who framed him for it. It was also revealed that the Black Hood serial killer is none other than Betty Cooper’s dad, and nothing like that ever happened in the comics.

Things get really dark and weird in the Season 3 premiere of Riverdale and it includes a lot of strange things, but also somewhat introduces the Gargoyle King. No one actually knows who he is, but as reported by Inverse, fans are freaking out about him.

The premiere episode for this season does name-drop the Gargoyle King, and he is first scheduled to officially show up in the second episode. Yes, it’s the Halloween season and Riverdale has become incredibly eerie, but who exactly is this “gory” and “gnarly” character stalking the beloved characters of the town?

For those wondering, the Gargoyle King first appears to attack Dilton and Ben, who were playing a D&D-type game called “Griffins and Gargoyles.”

In the summer, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was at the New York Comic-Con, where he described the horror that was about to arrive in Riverdale. As reported by Bustle, it’s somewhat of a legend but one that may have more reality to him than imagined.

“He’s more of an urban legend, more of the Slender Man. The Black Hood was a serial killer, Hiram is a mob boss, and this guy is almost like, the bad guy in the fairytale. We don’t know if he’s real or if it’s someone in a suit. So there’s kind of a sense of myth about him. And he’s a lot more dangerous.”

As the time draws closer to the arrival of the Gargoyle King, fans are freaking out and everyone has their own theory regarding the identity of the beast.

There are literally hundreds of theories on social media if you search for information on who the Gargoyle King actually is. Many feel the answer is simple and will likely be someone from the town in a costume. Others feel as if it is a supernatural being that has come to find its next victims. No matter what or who it ends up being, season 3 of Riverdale started off with a strange and dark bang.