Trump’s Economy So Good ‘Colin Kaepernick Found A Job,’ Says Lou Barletta

Rick Loomis / Getty Images

President Trump might have lit up some of his most ardent supporters during his latest campaign-style rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday, October 10. But thanks to his ability to celebrate both Trump and Colin Kaepernick in the same breath, Republican congressman Lou Barletta came away having delivered the most memorable line of the night.

Tasked with an opening speaker role in the lead up to Trump’s appearance before the crowd packing Erie Insurance Arena, Rep. Glenn Thompson enjoyed the benefit of making an early first impression on the GOP constituents in the house. However, it was Rep. Barletta who The Hill reports as having been invited up on stage to say a few words while the President held court, and he made sure not to fumble the opportunity to make his impression the lasting one ahead of his race for a U.S. Senate seat in November. The state’s incumbent 11th district House representative came to the podium with a juxtaposition that managed to simultaneously mock and recognize Kaepernick as a credit to the success of the economy under the current administration.

“There are more jobs than people who are unemployed. And I’ll tell you how good the economy is. This economy is so good that even Colin Kaepernick found a job,” Barletta said to a mix of laughs, boos, and rousing applause.

Barletta’s mention of Kaepernick being employed was no doubt a reference to the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback securing an endorsement from Nike after two years of estrangement from the NFL. The deal was announced on the heels of the popular 30th-anniversary advertisement campaign for the brand’s “Just Do It” slogan back in early September.

Although the particulars of what Kaepernick might have made from the contract have remained under wraps, Time reported that sources close to the company estimate it to be “top of the line” for a football player. Given there is validity to the claim, such an agreement would be unprecedented considering Kaepernick hasn’t played since 2016 and in the midst of a collusion lawsuit against NFL team owners, is at this point far from one of the names the league has been pushing to market.

Meanwhile, sans for an occasional pitfall, Trump’s economy indeed continues to soar. Last week it was reported that unemployment fell to its lowest level since December of 1969, at 3.7 percent. The historic mark can be credited to the labor market experiencing job gains of 190,000 per 30 day period on average over the past three months.