‘LPBW’ Star Tori Roloff Reveals The Hardest Part Of Being Married To A Little Person

Tori Roloff Instagram

Though Little People, Big World stars Tori and Zach Roloff are head over heels for each other, they do face some struggles in their marriage just like everyone else. In a recent question and answer session that Tori conducted on her Instagram account, Roloff answered a select few questions from her fans. And when one fan asked Tori why she doesn’t bend over in photos, Tori replied with a good answer.

“For me it feels weird to crouch and Zach always told me to stand. I’m not trying to be shorter and he’s not trying to be taller.”

Roloff also told fans that Zach’s dwarfism is not a “limitation” and the only thing that she really needs to do in order to help Zach out is to reach the top shelf a lot, which doesn’t seem like a huge problem at the end of the day. Roloff also confessed that she has never been teased for marrying a man with dwarfism but she also owns it in every single way.

“I love my husband for his heart, not his height. Love is love is love,” she dished.

One other fan asked Tori how she feels that her 17-month-old son, Jackson, was born with achondroplasia, which is the same type of dwarfism that Zach has. At first, Roloff confessed that there was a bit of fear, but soon after, her mind was settled.

“I have the best resources at the palm of my hands and I was fortunate enough to have some background knowledge,” she said. “I can only imagine the fear of a parent who has no experience with dwarfism but I can only hope we can provide some sort of reassurance to them.”

It’s hard to believe that Zach and Tori’s son is already 17-months-old. Viewers have watched the tot grow up before their very eyes on the hit TLC show, and the Inquisitr recently reported that baby Jackson is talking up a storm already. Most recently, Tori posted a video of Jackson on her Instagram story.

In the cute clip, Tori asks Jackson to repeat a series of words after her including “mama,” “dada,” and “hi.” Each time that Jackson utters the word “mama,” Tori squeals with delight over his sweet little voice. And can you really blame her?

And aside from just a toddler, Roloff has her hands full with another little trouble maker — her new dog, Murphy. As fans will recall, Roloff lost her beloved dog Sully a few years ago and they have since filled the void with another Bernese Mountain dog who they call Murph.

What a sweet little family.