Emily Ratajkowski Shares Eagle-Eye View Of Bikini Bottom, Tanned Abs, & Cup Of Coffee

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Emily Ratajkowski shared a new photo on Instagram with an interesting angle. The picture gave fans an eagle-eye view of her tanned abs, thong bikini bottom, and a cup of coffee. It looked like she was hanging out in her bed, and you could see that she has a good tan right now. The swimsuit by Inamorata is a red snakeskin pattern, which you can buy from Emily’s store online.

One person complained that the photo didn’t include her face, but other fans liked the picture and commented on her tan.

Ratajkowski enjoyed extra publicity recently when she protested Brett Kavanaugh and was later arrested for it. Even in that instance, some people criticized the model’s choice to go bra-less, which Emily later rebuked in a Twitter post.

The model also clarified her reasons for being at the protest, and stated the following.

“Kavanaugh’s confirmation as a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States is a message to women in this country that they do not matter. I demand a government that acknowledges, respects and supports women as much as it does men.”

In other news, Emrata was also spotted recently wearing a chic floral suit. She didn’t appear to wear anything underneath, and instead showed off her assets, as described by the Daily Mail. She complemented the look with a metallic purse and large, geometric drop earrings.

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Emrata has also been busy working on ad campaigns, including one for Replay, reported the Daily Mail. She modeled some skinny jeans in some black-and-white snaps, which she paired with a leather vest. The ad also included Neymar, a famous soccer player.

And while some may dismiss the model-actress as only being interested in fashion and beauty, Emily’s willingness to push boundaries has made her an inadvertent icon and feminist voice. This is what she had to say on the topic, according to Quartzy.

“Feminism is about the choices we make, and the freedom we have to make personal choices without judgement [sic] or retribution. For some people, their hair isn’t important to them, and that’s a totally respectful stance. I would never judge someone who feels that way.”

Of course, the example of someone not worrying about their hairstyle is on the less controversial side of a woman’s choices. However, considering the backlash she dealt with for simply not wearing a bra on a hot day, the same logic could apply to many other choices that a woman makes.